My involvement:
Working directly with the school Headteacher and Governors, I helped to plan and structure all the content for the new website which needed modernising and bringing into the responsive age to make accessible for all, on desktop, tablet and mobile. 
I designed and built the complete website within Wordpress using templates, widgets, css editing and also incorporating the use of Google Drive to manage all the school's online documents. 
I have liaised directly with many of the school staff to provide training and support during the build and content input. It has been created using Wordpress to empower the school staff to manage their own updates to a high level. Limited external maintenance support will be required on a day to day basis reducing the school's website annual management costs greatly.
I also redesigned the new school logo and assisted with the branding to bring it inline with the school's new uniform, look and feel. I provided all the logo artwork for the new uniform, kit and literature throughout the school. ​​​​​​​

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