Blackboard Artwork
Various blackboard art, digital and hand drawn
E-Learning Facts Infographic
Transformation of a simple Word Document into an attractive infographics piece.
Customer Journeys & Personas
Artwork and infographics development for a major bank to display Customer Personas and Journeys. These were used to support the project development, focus groups and subsequently to display data and findings in order to challenge and discover new ideas to enhance the Customer Experience. 
i-Clinic flash microsite
To design a microsite, using flash animation and fun illustrations.
T-Shirts Sale Flash microsite
Vector illustration work and Flash build of a creative little microsite for the sale of t-shirts.
A multi-angled website campaign for BAT
To design and create several individual webpages demonstrating the various reasons to fight against the Tobacco Governments Directive - the proposal to further restrict brand design and packaging of tobacco products and the development of electronic cigarettes.
Wessex Primary School Website
Design and create the new website for Wessex Primary School, inline with modern requirements and to incorporate a new look and feel throughout the whole school.
Motorola website graphics
Regular design and graphic production for the Motorola website promoting the latest handsets and accessories.
MAA Best Awards website redesign
Working within the team, I played a vital role in producing the complete redesign for the MAA Best Awards #DODIFFERENT campaign. I worked on the various page layouts, artworking the icons, illustrations, backgrounds and all design elements. Working with a pre-built backend framework, I liaised with the external development team to work through the adjustments needed to establish the best solution whilst optimising the design.
First Direct flash banners and emailer campaign
To create a series of animated banner ads in conjunction with an email campaign promoting First Direct Savings and investments.
Philips Airfloss flash banners and emailer campaign
To create a series of banner ads in conjunction with an email campaign promoting Philips new Airfloss product.
Flash animations demonstrating the FAGE yoghurt process
To create animations to demonstrate the process of making FAGE yoghurt in a fun illustrative way. I recreated the illustrations within Flash, and brought it to life with animation.
Emirates banner ads
Flash banners for a full series promoting Emirates luxury onboard features.
Game-style training website and logo design
Game-style training website within the retail industry for Mondelez
IceT Fruity Fun website design
Website design ideas for Fruity IceT pitch aimed at bringing some fruity fun to drinking Tetley's Iced Tea products.
Chiquita and 'Horton Hears a Who' Microsite
Working with the Lead Designer and Programmer we built this fun Microsite to link the in-store purchase of Chiquita bananas with a competition based on the animated feature film "Horton Hears a Who". My involvement included artworking and merging scenes within Photoshop, adding interactivity and animation within Flash, and creating design elements.
Emirates Air Line website redesign
To redesign the Emirates Air Line desktop and mobile websites.
Nectar emailers design and html
Emailer designs and html build for Nectar eCRM
Millie & Me logo design
Creating a logo for a young mother setting up business as a vintage retail outlet, aimed at yummy mummies and bonny babies.
Be Smart Marketing logo design
To design and provide artwork for a new logo for a marketing consulting group.
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